Turnkey Projects

NASSAN has ability and all needed knowledge for establishing greenhouses not only in Turkey, but in the World. Our master crew can produce and establish every kind of agricultural closed area beginning from simple Net Houses till strong and complicated glasshouses.

If needed we can supervise the project abroad to domestic montage crew with our good qualified specialists.

Each project is planning one by one with own specifications. Our technical specialists chose the best ways to explore the technical and human resourses.

NASSAN overview the general planning of the project, considering the location and other factors and making “FULL” or “PARTIAL CONTROL” contract; completes it for customer as “TURNKEY” project.

As NASSAN our main purpose is not making greenhouses, but making WORKING AND PROFITABLE GREENHOUSES.

We have knowledge that even little parts of this kind of project are very important. Previous experience give us strong belief to carry out even bigger projects that we’ve done before. With all this reasons we feel to progress further and we are working for it.