Nalbantoğlu Company has already been in the steel market since 1935 years. Nalbantoglu company has been producing world-class with its brand named Nassan.

The company pays special attention to research and development, as a pioneer in the field of domestic and abroad, working with new technologies. The purpose of the establishment is a good raw material, using world class technology, the industry in many different sheet, profiles, pipes, iron serves in the cabinet of high quality.

Nassan branded society Nalbantoglu, integrated manufacturing plants located in Antalya, construction and agriculture is the production. The objective of the company in all three sectors is to provide timely, high quality and affordable products.

The company also focused on solutions for the agricultural sector in recent years.

Seedbed and greenhouse production, a large number of projects successfully completed. Our engineers and specialists are trying to create a production suitable for all types of climate, soil and agriculture. We have many successful projects and we have good references in Turkey and worldwide.

Nalbantoglu Nassan Systems Greenhouse, more robust than the traditional greenhouse, last longer, providing more performance.

Greenhouse, corrosion problems that can occur during and after installation are eliminated by the special assembly system seamless.

We provide turnkey project with all necessary automation equipment, such as irrigation, fertilization, air conditioning, heating, ventilation systems. We prefer to view and control the whole process of establishment of building greenhouse, editing systems, equipment startup, operation, planting and growing products. We will be with our customers from first contact until the harvest. Depending on weather conditions and terrain, we strive to produce the best solutions by our team of expert engineers. In 2006, our company Nassan was opened on the market worldwide with projects in Russia, Azerbaijan, Central Asia, Africa and European countries. Nalbantoglu means QUALITY.