Nalbantoğlu Company has already been in the steel market since 1935 years. Under a worldwide brand Nassan, we manufacture products in accordance with international standards. Our company is constantly developing and monitoring new developments in the metallurgy sector, as well as working on new technologies together with advanced Turkish and foreign firms.

Our aim, since establishment up to today is to provide best service with the most accurate raw material by using world-class technology, by having high-quality production, making it in many different sectors about sheets, profiles,pipes and iron.

We have been manufacturing to the manufacturing industry, construction and agriculture in our integrated facilities that are on the land of 23.000 m2 in Antalya. Our factory’s annual flat steel, pipes, profile and prefabricated products processing capacity is 900.000 tons.

Glass and plastic greenhouses in production capacity is 3000 hectares / year.

Our products that are branded NASSAN have ISO 9001 and GOST certificates.

In recent years, our company has focused on solutions for the agricultural sector. Also carried out Seedling and greenhouse of production projects successfully in different parts of the world.

Nalbantoğlu NASSAN Greenhouse Systems provide stronger, more durable, short-time setup advantages when compared to the traditional greenhouse. We eliminate the corrosion problems that may occur during greenhouse setup and after it with our dismantled system.

We provide manufacturing greenhouses “turnkey” systems, including automation of irrigation, fertilizers, climate control; and advise until planting.

Our products combine reasonable price and high technology. The technical department of the company is working on the best solution for each region and different climatic conditions.

Our company’s goal in Greenhouse Systems production is to add high standards based on world agriculture and quality.

Mehmet Nalbant
Chairman of the Board

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